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How the rapid change in technology affected the lives?

It will be not right to say that technology has been changed in a drastic manner or in last few years. If we will move in past it can be seen that in 1990 Internet was just a dream for the public which can be accessed only by the Military or on university or college campuses. After 10 years later in the year 2000 Internet was accessed by everyone and its availability was quite easier. And if you will compare it from the 21st century then around more than 40 percent of the population is accessing Internet which means around more than 3.5 billion users are there on the Internet. The access is through smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but the most users are from a smartphone which can be carried in a pocket.

If you will say that our personal lives are changing due to the technology, then it’s time to rethink over it as the business trends are changed now and to compete with them one has to be equipped with latest and modern and trendy gadgets through which one can exchange each and everything whatever required.
We would like to discuss few things over here in order to justify that the technology is not only the factor which changed the personal lives and the most important things are the industries.

Change in Industry-

if you will look back you can clearly see that earlier there were very limited dimensions of industries which were dominating at that time, but later on gradually I.T. industry started making its place in the market as it has provided some amazing technology and products or gadgets and those were the hits at that time. After the new innovations in technology, it started grabbing the market, but it didn’t happen abruptly. It took time around two decades to change over the world. One of the major game changers in the industry was social media, yes it is true that those who are not techno-savvy can at least use Facebook and due to that users increased a lot. The initial impact was awesome, but later on, there were some lacunas also with social media that the fake news started taking place and there was no control over that, which really increased the users in a certain manner. Social media made a deep impact on the users as they were connected with it almost 24×7.

Website design

Information technology a booming trend- As the time passes on, Information technology started making its place in the market and now it is itself a big industry as there are several software companies which are indulged in designing and developing, software and applications for the different industry and it compels everyone to be dependent on the technology. Now there are countless I.T. companies and billions of employees are part of them to design and develop the required software and applications.

If we have to say it that technology has changed us then it can be said that technology has changed for the betterment of the life as it provided us many things like electricity, man has reached to the moon, every now and then new innovations are taking place for better life. It changed the living standards in a better manner. It improvised the health and increased the life potency in a certain manner. There are various innovations in the field of medical and health line and all these are for the human beings. If it is providing some amazing benefits then it should be welcomed with a positive mind.

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