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ATT Email not working

ATT Email not working

ATT Email not working

ATT Email is one of the best email clients used by countless people across the world. But there are times when this smart email stops working all of a sudden. It can be because of many reasons. But the first culprit to blame for your ATT Email not working is the internet connection. In fact, there can be other hindrances as well. So you must first analyze why the email is not working and then apply the best fixture to it. In this blog, you will get to know about the troubleshooting steps for resolving this issue on specifically two device – Android and iPhone.

ATT Email not working on Android

Android is the widely used platform, and it also supports the ATT mail to function properly but sometimes it does not work. You can rectify the hassle with these steps.

  1. Check the internet connection & make it stable
  2. See if the browser you are using has some issues or not
  3. Restart your Android device
  4. Look for the configuration of email on your device
  5. See if you are entering the right username & password or not

Once you make sure that the ATT email is not working on your Android device then you must check it once by signing in from the browser. If it normally gets signed in without any obstruction then surely there is some problem with the Android. So you must update the operating system.

ATT Email not working on iPhone

Not just the android users but also the IOS users encounter this snag from time to time. Here is how you can fix the glitch through simple troubleshooting.

  1. Remove the ATT account setup and then re-add on iPhone
  2. Check your internet connection speed
  3. Update IOS
  4. Restart your iPhone

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These tips work on iPhone, for other IOS devices such as Mac, you must connect with the team of experienced technicians at ATT Email customer support number that stays accessible 24 hours of the day. When you will connect with the right point of contact i.e. technical representatives, the issue will be resolved from scratch. Just ensure that you elaborate the exact causes that you are facing and then only the executives will able to resolve it.