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ATT Shared password troubleshooting

ATT Shared password troubleshooting


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ATT Emails play an indispensable part of people’s lives and especially for those who work in offices or other corporations, as many of the dealings are done via emails. People can send and receive millions of data across the world in just settings. And they are also secured with passwords so that no other intruder can have access to your personal email account. When it comes to talking about email services, how can one forget about ATT emails? It is a service which is used by approximately 3 billion people in the world.

You can also sync the ATT email to other services like mail sites, internet, U-verse TV etc. With this, you can have the possibility of accessing ATT mails in these services by a shared password. If you already know about this and have applied the shared password technique, then you are good to go. But if you are among those who are facing issues with ATT shared password, then you have come to the right place. By reading this blog, you can understand the basic troubleshooting methods that you can work on.  

How to check whether the access ID and email share the same password?

  • Open the web browser and search for ATT email login page
  • Provide with your login credentials to begin the sign in process
  • After that move to the profile menu and choose the option of sign-in information
  • Now move to ‘My linked account’. If you find any service has been listed with your access ID, it means that it shares a password.

How to troubleshoot share password service?

You can troubleshoot share password service by applying these two given methods:

Step 1- By resetting the shared password:

  • Go to the official ATT website through your adequate web browser and when you enter the login credentials, click on the option of ‘ Forgot password’
  • Select the option by which you wish to reset the option.
  • You will be provided with three options. Reset password with the help of a phone number or email ID or by answering a security question.
  • You can choose anyone and reset the password as per the option you have chosen.

You can also change the password and it works similarly as resetting the password

    Step 2- By changing the password                          

  • Sign in to the ATT email page by entering your username and password
  • Now move to profile and then sign in information
  • Select the option to change the password and create a strong and unique one
  • Log out and log in back again with the new password.

By implementing these given methods, you can easily troubleshoot ATT shared password issue. If these given methods do not prove to be effective and you are not able to get a fruitful result, then you can contact the customer care executives at ATT helpline number and avail the certified assistance.