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How to download attachments in ATT email

How to download attachments in ATT email

How to download attachment in ATT Email

Are you unable to download attachments in ATT email? Don’t you know the right way to view the attachments? If the answer is yes, then you need to read this blog until the end. It is not only you who confront inconvenience while downloading attachments, instead, there are many users. But solving this problem is quite easy. You can get in touch with ATT Customer support number for instant help from the certified technicians who are experts in fixing the issues.

There are many common issues that the user of this email encounter like issues in installing this email on mobile, the problem in sign in, resetting the password, the occurrence of error messages and many more. But the new users of this email service face troubles while downloading the email attachments. To sort the issue on your part, try performing troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below.

Solution: How to download attachments in ATT email

Step 1: First check your browser settings: check that the browser you are using supports ATT email, if yes, then try clearing cache and cookies. Also, try checking your setting and set the preference where you want to download the attachments.

Step 2: Reduce file size: the reason for your inability to download the attachments can be file size. This email allows attachments up to 25 MB and if your file size is large, try reducing it.

Step 3: Remove any special characters from the file name: if you are sending a file, do check that there is no special character used in the name of the file if there is then delete and rename the file.

Step 4: Format encrypted files: encryption works only when the sender and receiver have unlocked key. Try getting the attachment in an unencrypted format and see if it works or not.

Even after trying the above steps, if you are unable to download the attachments then it’s time to reach out to ATT Email tech support number, which stays available online 24 hours of the day for the resolution of customer issues related to this email service. The skilled team of experts is proficient in sorting the issues in no time.