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Set up or update email program with AT&T email

Set up or update email program with AT&T email

AT&T Email Customer Support

AT&T Company also offers Internet services in addition to phone services. It is basically a telecommunication company for both business and residential customers. But to have an email address in AT&T account, you must have an AT&T Internet subscriber. And after you have established to an email account, you can access it through Microsoft Outlook or any other software or even with the help of your phone. You can easily set up or update email program with AT&T email by looking at the steps that are given below. Or can directly get in touch with AT&T email technical support service.

How to create AT&T email account?

  1. When you had opened your AT&T internet account, you would have created a username and password. Log into att.net using that.
  2. After that, you need to choose ‘Internet from My AT&T tab.
  3. Now scroll down to the email accounts. The primary email address was created before and if you wish to create additional email accounts, then choose ‘Create or Manage Sub Account’
  4. Choose ‘Add a sub-account’
  5. Click on the accept button and agree to service and the privacy policy
  6. Write the email address and type the password.
  7. Now fill the appropriate fields with your name, gender, zip code and whatever has been asked for.
  8. Now in Contact E-mail address filed, provide the primary email address.
  9. Select Yes or No, if you want to grant the permission to the subaccount holder to charge purchases to the account.
  10. Choose a security question/answer and a passcode.

How to configure Microsoft Outlook to capture the AT&T email.

  • Login to Microsoft Outlook
  • Go to Tool menu>Account Settings>E-mail tab.
  • Click on the new button.
  • Choose the POP3 email service and put a checkmark on ‘Manually configure server settings’
  • Then choose the Internet email
  • Provide your ATT email sub-account username and password
  • Incoming mail server hostname– pop.att.yahoo.com
  • Outgoing mail server hostname– smtp.att.yahoo.com
  • Authentication required– Yes
  • Incoming server port number-995
  • SSL required– Yes
  • Outgoing server port number– 465
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

By following the detailed procedure that has been given above you can easily set up or update the email program. If you come across any complication while working on the same then you can get in touch with AT&T email contact number which stays accessible 24*7.